July 19, 2022

How Small Businesses Can Save On Energy and Help Their Bottom Line

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Catalina Offshore

Small businesses are key drivers of economic growth in California and across the country. But rising energy costs can erode business owners’ ability to make a profit and grow their business.

Ross Talner should know. He has spent his life in the fishing industry and is now facilities manager at Catalina Offshore Products, a retail and wholesale fish market. The market keeps its seafood fresh with nine walk-in refrigerators and a commercial ice maker – all of which use a lot of power. Inefficient refrigerator fans, among other things, were wasting energy and dollars.

“There are certain things you can do to cut costs, and that's making your refrigerators more efficient,” Talner said.

Enter GoGreen Financing, a program backed by the State of California. Its GoGreen Business program helps small businesses access affordable private financing to tackle the high costs of energy efficiency upgrades. With flexible rates and terms, GoGreen Business can help small businesses save money on energy bills so they can move forward with their business growth plans and improve their performance.

Talner worked with his contractor, who recommended GoGreen Business, and used the financing to retrofit the refrigerators. This helped his company save energy, decrease costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

“The fact that GoGreen Financing is backed by the State of California makes me feel they care about efficiency and energy improvements,” Talner said.

Small businesses can finance an energy efficiency project in three simple steps. First, get a project estimate from a contractor. Next, pick an approved finance company and apply. Finally, sign the closing documents and receive finance company confirmation to start your project.

What are the benefits of GoGreen Business?

  • Finance 100% of project costs
  • Broad list of qualifying measures
  • Financing may be used for non-energy upgrades
  • Finance a simple equipment replacement or a comprehensive building upgrade
  • Quick approval
  • Attractive terms
  • Option for convenient repayment through your utility bill