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The Flores family upgraded their home to be more energy can too!

The water heater in the Flores household was inefficient, taking forever to provide enough hot water throughout their home and a rental unit – and adding significantly to their utility bills. They needed to make a change, so Jesse Flores contacted a local contractor to explore solutions.

To save energy and more efficiently distribute hot water throughout the property, the contractor recommended a tankless water heater that supplies a continuous supply of hot water on demand. During a walk-through, Jesse and the contractor discovered other areas that would benefit from energy-efficient upgrades – like a new furnace and smart thermostat in their home and a heat pump for the rental.

The Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program allowed the Flores family to make all these upgrades and stay within their monthly budget.

What REEL financing can do for you
Looking to make home improvements? The REEL program can help you finance a wide range of energy upgrades, from heating and air conditioning to windows and insulation. Up to 30% of your loan can go toward nonenergy items, such as kitchen cabinets and flooring. The REEL program is available to borrowers with a wide range of credit scores and incomes, has no closing costs or origination fees, and offers affordable monthly payments.

Explore energy efficiency improvements and find a participating REEL contractor on the residential page.

Case Study for the Flores Family
Total Project Cost: $15,906
Interest Rate: 7.38% APR
Reel Program Loan: $15,906
Monthly Payment: $146.76

Flores home improvements

High-efficiency furnace

Energy-efficient furnaces produce more heat per unit of fuel used.

Smart thermostat

An automated or internet-connected thermostat can manage home energy use and increase indoor comfort.

Tankless water heater

A tankless water heater only heats water when your family needs to use it, saving the cost of keeping water hot in a traditional water heater.

Water filtration*

A water filtration and softener system eliminates water contamination and allows for healthy drinking water.

*Nonenergy efficiency measure

Heat pump**

Heat pumps help offset heating and cooling costs. When it’s hot out, they remove warm air from your home. When it’s cold, they capture outside heat and bring it inside to warm your home.

**Installed in rental unit

Residential Start Project

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Here are four simple steps to finance your home energy improvement project with REEL.


1. Get a project estimate from a contractor.


2. Choose an approved lender and apply for financing.


3. Receive lender confirmation to start your project.


4. Sign loan closing documents and enjoy your comfortable, efficient home.