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Did you know that gas-powered appliances in your home, like furnaces, ovens and water heaters, are emitting greenhouse gases that worsen the climate crisis?

Through gas leaks, inefficiencies and the burning of fossil fuels for energy, California’s buildings cause about 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions statewide.1 One way to make your home more sustainable and efficient is through decarbonization. Replacing gas appliances with electric alternatives (such as switching from a gas stove to an electric induction cooktop) is an important way to improve the air quality inside your home, reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and support a sustainable future.

Two of the most effective decarbonization measures are heat pump HVACs and heat pump water heaters, which use electricity to heat air and water. Despite their name, heat pump HVACs also provide air conditioning! Just like your conventional HVAC or water heater, you can set the temperature on these systems to suit your comfort level.

Heat pumps are ultra-efficient, too — up to four times more energy efficient than their conventional electric counterparts. That’s one reason they’re an important part of California’s climate solution. The California Energy Commission estimates that widespread installation of heat pumps and other decarbonization measures by 2030 could help cut building emissions by up to 50 percent, making the Golden State cleaner, greener and more resilient.2

1,2 - California Building Decarbonization Assesment(2021)

Financing your decarbonization project through GoGreen Home

State-administered and utility-supported GoGreen Home Energy Financing offers affordable financing options for heat pump HVACs,heat pump water heaters and electric induction cooking ranges. You can combine these upgrades with other energy improvements like new windows, a cool roof and insulation to get the most impact out of your investment, all while keeping payments manageable thanks to GoGreen Home’s low rates and extended terms.

You can also include any necessary related improvements, such as electrical panel upgrades or the cost of relocating your water heater.

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To find a GoGreen Home participating contractor in your area who is licensed to install heat pumps, go to the Find A Contractor page and select “Heat pump HVAC” or “Heat pump water heaters” under the Service Type drop-down menu.

You’ll also need to select a participating GoGreen Home lender to finance your project. Go to the Find GoGreen Home Financing page to start exploring your financing options. Contact your preferred lender and you’re on your way!

About GoGreen Home

GoGreen Home Energy Financing is a state-administered, utility-supported program housed in the California State Treasurer’s Office. GoGreen Home works behind the scenes with private lenders, making it possible for them to offer exceptional rates and terms on loans for energy efficiency upgrades. GoGreen Home requires no down payment, fees or property liens and carries no prepayment penalties.

If you are a homeowner or renter who receives gas or electric service from an investor-owned utility, you are eligible for GoGreen Home. Customers may upgrade a single-family home, townhome, condo, duplex, triplex, fourplex or manufactured home. Renovations for up to four units can be bundled into the same loan.

Learn more about GoGreen Home and its related programs, GoGreen Business and GoGreen Multifamily.

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