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Are safety tests required? What documentation needs to be submitted?
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A GoGreen Home project requires combustion appliance safety testing if the following two conditions are met:

  • The project includes either whole building air sealing and/or duct sealing eligible energy efficiency measures (EEEMs).
  • An atmospherically vented combustion appliance is present within the sealed building envelope.

Note: A gas range is not generally considered an atmospherically vented combustion appliance. However, CAEATFA recommends that contractors test gas ranges for excess carbon monoxide if a project includes either air sealing and/or duct sealing EEEMs.

A safety test must be performed by someone who meets one of the following prerequisites:

1. Approved to participate in a Home Upgrade or Advanced Home Upgrade Program
2. BPI Certified
3. Certified and proficient in accepted standards for combustion safety and ventilation testing, such as Natural Gas Appliance Testing (NGAT)

Test results will be requested during project QA/QC.