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What are considered eligible improvements?
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Eligible improvements include: (1) Eligible Energy Efficiency Measures (EEEMs) as specified by the investor-owned utility that provides the property with gas and/or electric service and (2) other related home improvements such as fixtures, cabinets, remodeling, etc. Seventy percent of the claim-eligible amount of the financing must be toward EEEMs and other necessary alterations such as installation, patching, painting, permits and other legally required improvements. EEEMs must correspond with the fuel source that the investor-owned utility provides to the customer. For example, if your customer is a PG&E gas customer, only PG&E gas-related EEEMs are eligible to count toward the 70%. Upgrades provided by a different energy company (i.e., a municipality, public utility or co-op) only qualify for the program as part of the 30% allowed for other home improvements.