New names, same great savings for Californians

October 2021

The GoGreen team is always looking for ways to improve your experience of the State of California’s energy efficiency financing programs and make it easier for you to save. We recently updated the names of our programs on to make them easier to remember and more compatible with this website. Here’s what to look for.

GoGreen Home Energy Financing — Previously called the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Assistance Program, GoGreen Home Energy Financing (GoGreen Home) still features REEL’s zero fees and closing costs along with its unmatched interest rates, so you can afford to start saving energy now while improving comfort and building value in your home.

GoGreen Business Energy Financing — This is the program formerly known as the Small Business Energy Efficiency Financing (SBF) Program. Just like SBF, GoGreen Business Energy Financing (GoGreen Business) is the hassle-free way for entrepreneurs to optimize their business’s energy performance and shrink operating costs.

GoGreen Affordable Multifamily Energy Financing — Just like the Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Financing (AMF) Program, GoGreen Affordable Multifamily Energy Financing (GoGreen Multifamily) helps the owners of California’s affordable multifamily properties manage energy expenses and prepare for the future.

If you’ve already received financing from a GoGreen lender, nothing is changing. If you’re considering financing options with our participating contractors and lenders, be aware that our old names may still appear on their websites or on some of your paperwork.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for going green!

— The GoGreen team