We are eager to provide licensed California contractors with the opportunity to grow their energy efficiency business statewide through financing.

To participate in the REEL program, you must meet the eligibility requirements+ and follow three simple steps.


Complete the REEL Program Compliance Training

Your first step in being able to offer REEL financing is taking the REEL Compliance Training. Online and webinar-based options make taking the one-hour training easy.

REEL Compliance Training is a mandatory training session for contractors who want to participate in the REEL program. For your convenience, we offer this training as an online webinar. Topics covered include:

  • How to become a qualified contractor
  • How REEL can help customers access more rebates and incentives with financing
  • REEL program benefits and guidelines
  • Learn which projects are eligible
  • How to properly document and submit projects to lenders

Online, anytime

Take the on-demand training today. You can start, pause and resume the training to fit your schedule.

Sign up with your CSLB number and start your training
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Webinar training

In live training webinars you can ask questions and get answers as you learn. To request a webinar, email us by clicking the button below.

Live REEL Training Request
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Complete the licensed contractor application



Submit an application

Submit the completed application along with proof of liability insurance by email, mail or fax. If you have opted in to statewide marketing, please email your logo as a high-resolution JPEG or PNG file.

(preferred method)

REEL Program
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