Why join the Small Business Financing program?

Offer your small business customers an attractive financing option for energy efficiency upgrades

  • Grow your business by offering customers attractive financing to complete energy efficiency upgrades
  • Present your customers with a financing option that helps meet their business objectives
  • Take advantage of a statewide marketing campaign
  • Online user interface allows for easier project entry and qualification

How does it work?

Financing through the Small Business Financing (SBF) program is provided by private finance companies. SBF supports these finance companies with a credit enhancement—insurance that mitigates the risk of loss in cases of customer default. The credit enhancement enables finance companies to offer more attractive terms and to approve a wider range of customers. 

SBF flexibility accommodates your customers' needs!

The financing needs of small businesses are as diverse as the services and products they offer. The SBF program gives you options to offer to your customers. The program is designed to complement other available energy improvement financing options, like on-bill financing (OBF) and commercial PACE. The SBF program features listed in the sidebar highlight the flexibility offered by the program.

Enroll now

Eligible contractors and project developers can enroll now! The enrollment process is quick, easy and an opportunity to learn how to interact with the program.

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SBF program features:

  • Broad list of measures prequalify.
  • Measures qualify through multiple pathways allowing projects to range from simple to highly customized
  • No minimum project size: from very small up to $5 million
  • Finance large measures requiring longer payback periods, or those that may never be 'bill neutral'
  • Projects can include nonenergy efficiency measures (e.g. landscaping, remodeling)
  • Customers can choose from traditional loans and leases as well as service agreements and savings-based payment agreements
  • Both tenant and owner occupants can qualify
  • Can be used in conjunction with utility rebates
  • Web-based interface allows for easy submission of data to the program
  • Financing is unsecured or secured by equipment: no property lien required