Close more projects with the Small Business Financing program

Offer business owners an attractive financing option for energy efficiency upgrades

  • Financing for up to $5 million through equipment leases, service agreements or loans
  • Progress payments and prefunding available
  • Broad list of prequalified measures with streamlined pathway for custom projects
  • Available for projects with long payback periods and projects that will never be "bill neutral"
  • Ability to include nonenergy measures such as landscaping, solar and other distributed generation
  • Both tenant and owner occupants can qualify and no property lien required
  • May be combined with utility on-bill financing (OBF)
  • Online interface for easy project data submission

How does it work?

Financing through the Small Business Financing (SBF) program is provided by private finance companies. SBF supports these private finance companies with a credit enhancement — insurance that mitigates the risk of loss in cases of customer default. The credit enhancement enables finance companies to offer more attractive terms and to approve a wider range of customers.

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