Project developers

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To many small businesses, “energy efficiency” means replacing light bulbs. That’s a great start, but many businesses can benefit from deeper energy retrofits. This is where project developers can step in.

Enroll as a project developer

Some project developer roles include:

  • Help customers develop an energy saving plan and scope of work that meets their needs, whether simple or complex
  • Perform an optional energy assessment to identify the most cost-effective projects
  • Help the customer identify, apply for, review and assess financing options
  • Ensure the project meets SBF program requirements and any utility rebate or incentive requirements, if the customer or contractor is applying for rebates
  • Provide data and certifications to the SBF program

Project developers are not required to have a CSLB license. If they do, they can also play the role of an SBF contractor.

In short, an SBF project developer works as a guide, coordinating all the pieces of a project to make sure the process is efficient for the small business.

Utility implementers are natural project developers

Because any measure that qualifies for an investor-owned utility (IOU) rebate or incentive program also qualifies as eligible for financing under the SBF program, utility implementers are a natural fit as project developers.


Who can enroll as a project developer?

An SBF project developer could be . . .

  • An energy consultant
  • A nonprofit
  • A utility implementer
  • A local government
  • An engineering firm
  • An equipment distributor
  • Any other individual or organization who meets the eligibility requirements and wants to help small businesses increase their energy efficiency