When are GoGreen Home projects subject to field verifications?

GoGreen Home may conduct field verifications on a random sample of projects that have not received an investor-owned utility or regional energy network (REN) energy efficiency rebate or incentive for each applicable eligible measure installed. The frequency of the verifications depends on how many projects the participating contractor has completed under the program and the type of eligible measures installed.

Can I use my own format for the itemized invoice?

No, you must use the GoGreen Home invoice as there are certain pieces of information that must be collected on each project. The GoGreen Home invoice is designed to be completed electronically and emailed to the lender for fast processing of the customer’s loan application. If you do not wish to fill it out electronically, you may print it and fill it out by hand, scan it and email it to the lender or to the customer to give to the lender. You can certainly continue to provide your customer with your company’s standard invoice.

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